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The New and Improved Geeker Support System

Written by Geeker Team

How Geeker Support Went from Zero to Hero

When we began Geeker, we set out with the intention of creating something that not only helps stave off boredom, but something that could fundamentally transform the way that we all look at entertainment distribution and consumption.

On the heels of the entertainment streaming revolution, we upped the ante by bringing together not only your favorite classic movies and shows, but also music, books, and games as well. We succeeded in creating a streaming service that catered to a full set of entertainment needs, but it wasn’t always a walk in the park as they say.

The complex and fundamentally new nature of what we were putting together inevitably led to some growing pains. Technical glitches and support issues were becoming more and more of an issue as we grew and our infrastructure was in danger of buckling under the pressure.

Geeker Took Action

Rather than let the problems remain and present an imperfect experience like so many digital services seem to do, the Geeker team did a deep dive to really see what was working and what was holding us back. We took the results seriously, and are proud to say that after an increase of nearly 500% to our support staff, our support team is now one of the most effective in the business. When it comes to catering to our customers, we proved we wouldn’t’ hold back in doing what was necessary to ensure a pleasant experience on Geeker. A good amount of our feedback also let us know that many people wanted access to our services when waiting for their bus or queued up, so we brought our service to 100% mobile compatibility as a result.

We didn’t stop there though.

We Expanded Our Support to Social Media

We made a command decision to bring the support team of onto social media. This has allowed us to provide quick, friendly, and personal customer support more easily. This ensures we have a very public face that lets us interact with and build a community around our customers – all the while giving them the support they need via a platform they already know and use. The results so far have been incredible.

Always online and ready for instant help 365 days, 7 days a week, 8 am to 4 pm, available even on holidays – this is the Geeker support promise.

Here is a quick list of where you can find immediate help:

If you are interested in interacting more with the Geeker team you should also check out:

If you don’t have a social media account, no worries, we still have a traditional support system on our page, through email, as well as instant live chat to walk you through any issues. You can reach our support team here.  All of our support channels are capable of bilingual assistance.

We Added Both French and Spanish-Speaking Customer Support Agents

Whether you try and reach us by Facebook, Twitter or any other platform – our multilingual agents are ready to help you. Support provided via our social media platforms is tailored to handle both English and non-English speaking customers, and we plan to continue to increase the language versatility of our staff going into the future as well.

Geeker Will Continue to Improve, and We Want To Do It With Your Help!

Open dialogue and honest reflection are the keys to creating a service built around our Geeker members.

Feedback is what allowed us to improve our services and become the business we are so proud to be today – and we never want to lose sight of that. Suggestions or comments about the quality of our support and services are highly welcome and encouraged – as well as reviews on the social media sites. We take all of these comments very seriously. Please take the time to clearly explain where your issues lie, or what you think we can do to improve in the future.

Geeker was able to grow because of your help, and we want this partnership to continue to lead us into a future full of fun and entertainment without any of the headaches technology loves to bring.

You can write a review here, as well as check out reviews left by previous customers here.

There is nothing we care about more than becoming the entertainment service tailored to your needs – one that you couldn’t imagine being without.

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