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The Best Movies for Winter Time |

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The Best Movies for Winter Time

Cold winter nights are made for making hot chocolate, lighting a fire, getting under the blankets and watching a good movie. There’s nothing more peaceful than watching a winter movie while it’s snowing outside and we’ve compiled the perfect list of movies to do just that. On this list there will be something for the kids and adults alike, so read on if you’re looking for the perfect movie to watch this winter evening.

1 Mountain

1 Mountain is definitely one of the snowier winter themed movies on this list. It follows the life of Hunter Wood, an ambitious mountain skier that dreams of conquering the most challenging mountain he’s come across – the Grand. This mountain is treacherous and despite the risks that it holds, Hunter decides to test his prowess on the dangerous mountain slopes, despite knowing that two of his friends have gotten injured there before. This just makes it all the more personal for him.

It seems as though everything is stacked against Hunter, but he refuses to give up. The dangerous mountain isn’t just a mountain to him anymore, it’s a representation of his goals and commitment to mountain skiing. Will he make it?

Find out and enjoy 1 Mountain on Geeker!

1 Mountain

Groundhog Day

Winter time is the perfect time to watch winter romance movies and there are few movies as funny, romantic and snowy as Groundhog Day. This film follows Phil Connors, a pessimistic and rude news reporter that goes to a small town to report on Groundhog Day. Strange things happen and he’s forced to relive the same day over and over again.

He takes advantage of the situation and messes around with the inhabitants of the town, but eventually realizes that he wants the same love and companionship that other people seem to have. Eventually, he learns to love and he becomes a better person… but how will he lift the curse?

If you’re looking for a movie that will make you smile from ear to ear and warm you up this winter season, Groundhog Day is the perfect movie for you.

Groundhog Day

Ace (Original name: Asso)

Asso is the greatest poker player around who wins without fail. This catches up with him when a sore loser murders him on his wedding night. He wins a game against the clerk on duty in heaven and is allowed to go back to earth as a ghost to help his widow find a new husband. But who will he find that is good enough for his wife?

Ace is a beautiful love story that is often touching and revealing of human nature. This is a must see if you want something to watch while curling up by the fire. The unforgettable characters, touching story and often dramatic scenes are the perfect combination for those cold winter nights with a loved one. Watch Ace on Geeker.

Mama Doni Band: Jewish Holiday Party

Mama Doni’s debut is full of cheerful holiday music for the whole household. If you’re looking for winter movies for the kids, be sure to include this one. They’ll be able to sing along to songs like “Chanukah Oh Chanukah” and learn more about Chanukah, Passover and Shabbat while they do it. A Parents’ Choice award winner, it’s the perfect entertainment over the holidays that will be sure to keep little tykes happy and entertained.

Adults can enjoy Mama Doni’s too and get into the holiday spirit by singing along and relearning all about the significance of the holy days and why they mean so much. Enjoy this Jewish holiday film on Geeker!


No list of winter movies can be complete without Frozen. This Disney movie instantly became a classic thanks to its combination of beautiful animation, vivid storytelling and amazing music. Everybody has already heard the ever popular Let It Go, but other songs like Love Is An Open Door will also get stuck in your head long after you’ve turned the movie off.

If you’ve seen this movie, a re-watch during winter is always worth it. The snowy setting and winter themes will fit right into a cozy winter movies marathon. If you’ve managed to miss seeing Frozen, now is the time to finally sit down and see what all the fuss is about.

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