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The Best Cookbooks for Fast, Simple Meals

Written by Geeker Team

The Best Cookbooks for Fast, Simple Meals

We can’t all be Gordon Ramsay every night of the week.  Whether you’ve got picky eaters or need dinner recipes for two, the Geeker team has you covered.  We’ve compiled a list of essential cookbooks for the busy chef.  These delicious meal recipes are sure to get your creative wheels greased, even if time is not on your side.

Betty Crocker Kids Cook

From the name that everyone knows and trusts comes a cookbook for your little helpers.  Each recipe has a maximum of six steps.  It’s spiral-bound and illustrated.  Even if you don’t allow your angels to help in the kitchen, this is the perfect book for any chef with little time and experience. 


This isn’t like ordering off the children’s menu at a restaurant.  This is real food that’s simple and easy to make.  It would be a benefit to anyone’s kitchen cupboard.

The Italian Cookbook for Beginners

The Geeker team is in complete agreement that Italian food was placed on this planet by God himself.  There is no end to the variety of robust flavors and aromas that come from the boot shaped peninsula.  

This cookbook boasts 105 authentic Italian recipes; many of which use ingredients you can easily obtain from your local grocery store.  From homemade pizza to Italian style pork chops, this book has got it all.


Want to try an easy Italian recipe tonight? Check out Giuliano Hazan’s Thirty Minute Pasta recipes here on Geeker. Let us know how it turned out and leave us a pic in the comments.

Healthy in a Hurry


Everyone wishes they could eat better. The number one excuse is lack of time, but not anymore. With 150 recipes, this book is sure to tantalize taste buds and help wane waistlines. These dinner recipes are healthy and delicious. Every recipe can be prepared and cooked in 45 minutes or less. That is less time than it takes to get a pizza.

Simple: The Easiest Cookbook in the World

Appealing to every demographic, this cookbook has over 1,000 recipes.  No recipe has more than six ingredients or four steps.  It seriously is a cooking impaired person’s dream.  It even has easy to follow pictures.  

Like a Dummy’s Guide, this cookbook has virtually made it impossible to mess up these recipes.  You’ll find yourself creating fancy things like Thai Basil Beef and Saffron Risotto.  Your friends will wonder who you are and what culinary institute you secretly studied at.

Gourmet Every Day

Over 200 quick and easy gourmet dinners are awaiting you in this book.  Even the setup of the book is easy.  On the left page is a picture of the meal, on the right is the recipe.  You won’t have to get your book soiled with egg yolk while you try and flip a page.  There’s even a recommended wine pairing for each of these delicious meal recipes.

Every recipe can be made in less than 45 minutes, and most are easy to clean, one-dish meals.

The Geekercom crew invites you to try The Complete 15 Minute Gourmet.

Michael Symon’s 5 in 5

If you’re looking for dinner ideas and recipes, this book has it for you in spades.  Using only five ingredients and five minutes of cooking time for each, Michael Symon has created an anthology of 120 dinners.  He even gives tips on how to set up your pantry and shop so you’ll always have fresh and relevant ingredients at home.  He’ll have you grilling proteins and using aluminum foil in ways you wouldn’t have imagined.

The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook

Why are recipes always for 8 to 10 people? And, why doesn’t splitting recipes in half ever seem to work?  From dinner dishes to desserts, this book has all the answers, and then more.

These are all customized recipes for two people – all created and tested in the renowned America’s Test Kitchen.  It has recipes to be made in 30 minutes or less, slow cooker tips, and even a guide on how to grocery shop for two people.  This is the definitive album for those small nuclear families.

Jamie Oliver’s Comfort Food

From the Naked Chef, comes another book that is sure to become a staple in your kitchen.  Using everyday language, and easy to follow instructions, Jamie will lead you on a journey to discover all your favorite meals can be made simply and easily.  

These recipes are meant to invoke feelings of nostalgia while satisfying your cravings.  You won’t be losing weight here, but you’ll definitely be happier.

30 Minute One Pot Meals

One of the worst things about cooking is all the mess it makes.  You wind up using every dish in your house for something that is going to take five minutes to eat.  This book has helped solve that problem.  Every recipe can be made with just one dish.  

Say goodbye to cluttered kitchen counters!  These are fast and easy recipes designed to get you through every meal time.

Geekercom wants to share these Super Simple 30 Minute Menus with you now.

Martha Stewart’s Slow Cooker

If you’re looking for simple recipes, you can’t get much easier than the slow cooker.  You throw in the ingredients and then go about your day.  It’s virtually impossible to mess it up.  The food icon has come up with recipes that are sure to wow just about anyone.  Martha Stewart is single-handedly revolutionizing the way people think about slow cookers.  No longer is it a tool for the culinary challenged.  Easy, gourmet recipes will make you the star chef.

Gordon Ramsay Makes it Easy

No cookbook list would be complete without an entry from the man himself.  Better known for his impeccable talent and ridiculously complex recipes, Gordon Ramsay gears this book to the humble home cook.  Filled with anecdotes about his own home life, Ramsay delivers recipes for those of us who prefer to eat food rather than spending hours making it.

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