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The Best Contributions Humanity Can Make For World Environment Day

Written by Geeker Team

The Best Contributions Humanity Can Make For World Environment Day

Has the Earth reached a point of no return? Or is there time for us as humankind to make the difference. Yes, we have exploited the Earth to a large degree but there is time to start over. We need to take action.

This is not a sudden event, the warning signs have been evident for years, but perhaps we thought they would go away or that it would correct itself. Have we possibly been too selfish, thinking more of ourselves than what the results of our actions would be? The Earth is a gift given to us, let us learn to treasure it like gold. Stand up! Take notice! Make a change!

Can we honestly say we didn’t see it coming? I think not. For years scientists have warned us of the risks of our actions; the effects on the melting polar ice caps and how just a few millimeters can be devastating. But we turned a blind eye and carried on our destructive ways.

Global warming is not a misconception, not some story cooked up by scientists to make life unpleasant. The fact of the matter is that the Earth is heating up. Even half a degree can turn once lush and productive tracts of land into dry, desolate areas, but still we continue spewing harmful and toxic emissions into the air. The ozone layer is depleting at a faster and faster rate, and you may think 50 or 100 years is far off but it’s not in the whole scheme of things.

Change Is The Best Contribution We Could Offer

The only way forward is change – drastic, unselfish, change. I am sure that the humankind has it in them and if ever there was a chance to test the boundaries, now is it! There is so much we can commit to do to benefit the Earth and mankind this World Environment Day. Sit down and spare a thought for what the repercussions of each of your actions are each day, whether it be switching on your heating or cooling system, driving your fuel driven car, or if you happen to be a business owner how your company sources products.

Think of what little changes you can make in your daily life that will lessen your carbon footprint on the environment. When it boils down to it if everybody did just one thing, made one change, imagine the environmental impact.

Let’s Get Positive and Build A Brighter Tomorrow

This World Environment Day, let’s make it one to remember. Take a stand and make those small changes that will create a future for ourselves, our families and future generations. Even the slightest change you can make can amount to so much. The simple task of turning the tap off while you brush your teeth saves hundreds of gallons of water a year which, in many drought stricken areas, is the difference between life and death.

If you live close to your local market or store make the outing to grocery shop a family affair. Take a casual stroll rather than starting up your car for such a short trip. Make use of recycled paper and glass instead of adding to the mountains of waste that are already accumulating daily.

There is so much you can do to make a difference. Even the smallest contribution will be greatly felt. You may think what you do won’t make a difference but just imagine 1,000 people all doing one small thing. Wouldn’t that amount to drastic change on the large scale?

Take the time to appreciate the beauty of a sunset on a clear dusk, the splendor of snow-capped mountains on a brisk winter morning or even a color emblazed coral reef buzzing with life of all sizes and shapes; if we cannot begin to comprehend what there is to lose, how will we ever know the damage we are causing and how much we are putting at risk.

If we take a stand and make a change now our children‘s children will still be able to enjoy this good Earth the way we have. We have the power to make things right. I have faith in humankind and that we will see the error of our ways and make all our past wrongs, right.

If you really are committed to being a part of the solution you need to realize and understand the environment and how we impact it on a daily basis. Test how much you know about the environment with the “Environment Quiz Book” on Geeker. Open your eyes and really see what’s right in front of you.

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