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Geeker Business Philosophy

Written by Geeker Team

To truly be a “success” the Geeker team knew it needed to accomplish three things. The first was to provide a product or a service that solved a problem or fulfilled a need that was otherwise neglected. The second was to become a team comprised of knowledgeable and professional individuals dedicated to providing the best service possible. The third was to create a community that connected our product, our team, and our customers together in a seamless and mutually beneficial way.

We believe that we have begun to achieve these goals we set out to accomplish at Geeker, and may just be in danger of calling ourselves “successful”. In honor of this, we want to take a look at the policies that brought us to this point today.

Brand Promise From Our Support Team

support for members

We strive to provide all-round support for our valued members through our various customer support outlets and social media pages. Thanks to our devoted customer service support team, you will never have to wait to receive assistance. We’re always there waiting to help.

To explain further, Geeker endeavors to provide a support-first entertainment service that brings the digital experience to you hand in hand with an easy to contact, and helpful, support team.

The efforts to make this happen go beyond simple customer support. Geeker is truly passionate about bringing forward a positive philosophy throughout design and creations as well. This is in direct accordance with the mission to “create positive experiences for those that rely on us for their entertainment needs”.

This verbiage is giving us a headache though. It is all just a bunch of flowery language to simply say that we want to bring people things that make them happy, and we want to do it really well.

Core Values

core values

Core values are guideposts for how interoffice policies should take shape, and even on what actions may need to be rewarded or disciplined. Here is a quick rundown of the values that guide us here at Geeker:

  • Quality:

Geeker will always strive to ensure that we are offering titles that come from the best sources of entertainment. Excellence for the enjoyment of our members is what drives our content team.

  • Service:

The Geeker brand is passionate about ensuring users have the best information and help: “To be there for those that share our passions”.

  • Passion:

Geeker cares about entertainment. Every day we work to create a service we ourselves would use, and we strive to share that with the world.

  • Practicality:

Digital entertainment needs to be easy, and simple. We work to provide those aspects whenever possible.

  • Positivity:

In the end, the goal is to make the world a bit better by spreading joy. We wish to merge our brand with a positive outlook on the world and to approach our customers and team members with that in mind.

The Team Behind Geeker

team behind geeker

A business is only as good as its people. The people that work at Geeker are what truly sets the company apart.

Our Customer Support Team

Building from frequently asked question, the feedback of users and ensuring that they are able to communicate with your business quickly and easily is essential to any strategy as a business, and integral if they want to serve a community. Our support team is built around feedback and timeliness.

To that end, we are staffed with a hand-picked a team of friendly, professional, and courteous customer support agents. When you contact Geeker customer support, you’ll also find that we have many bilingual agents who speak both French and Spanish. Here are real time support chat screenshots of our support team answering customer queries:

Geeker support by Facebook

All customer support should be available by the easiest and quickest means. Geeker has phone, email, live chat and social media pages. Support offered via phone, email and live chat is available 24/7, every day of the week. Social media support is given daily between the hours of 8-4 AST.

This team’s benchmark is resolving any issue within 3-4 minutes on the call, 1-5 minutes via email and between 10-15 minutes via Live Chat. Support via social mediatake less than 15 minutes to provide support/ answer any queries. Don’t believe us? Here is screenshot of our live chat and how responsive we are :

live Chat Geeker support

geeker support response rate

Our IT Wizards

While the main creative work from this team is the wonders they work to ensure that users can navigate the website without difficulty, they are also dedicated to ensuring the vast library of titles is always functioning and growing.

Our Social Media Ninjas

The social media team works to keep our social media sites entertaining and informative. Whether on blogFacebook, TwitterGoogle+, Instagram or Pinterest, the team ensures that all contact requests are met promptly and correctly.

The Content Acquisition Team

This is the team that brings you all of the quality content you can find when you subscribe to Geeker. Like ancient mariners, this team braves the dangerous oceans of copyright law to bring back to our shores fantastic titles from all the genres.

They reach out to licensors and distributors of content; negotiate deals to ensure that Geeker legally has the rights to the content it is carrying. They also make decisions on what content will be uploaded to the site, ensuring that the correct titles and box covers are displayed.


Copyright protection is important to Geeker, and you can rest assured that protected content hosted on Geeker has been duly paid for following license contracts they signed with each of the content providers.

The DMCA team handles any and all reports or cases of Geeker carrying content which infringes on the rights of the owner of said content. They handle these complaints via emails sent to All emails should be accompanied by the following information:

– Plaintiff Full Name

– Plaintiff Email address

– Describe the copyrighted work (Type and Title) you believe is being infringed

SSL + Security of Geeker

Geeker ensures every care is taken to preserve and safeguard the information of users. Our all online platforms are SSL secured.

geeker signup flow ssl secured

Geeker website ssl secured

Geeker support channel ssl certificate

Geeker blog ssl secured

Systems include critical security and data integrity for both the website and the members’ personal information, including preventing intruders from being able to listen to communication between the website and members passively.

No company is perfect, but with our teams all focused on doing what they do best while staying true to core values and ensuring that they are providing a service to others, we can get close. The care for Geeker members and employees shows in both our actions and day to day interactions.

Your feedback is the key to improve Geeker

We’re proud of our product and services which is why your experience with Geeker is important- we want to know more so we can make Geeker better at delivering what you want and need, from a product and user experience standpoint.

Please share your experience

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