Creative Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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7 Creative Ways to Make this Mother’s Day Memorable

It can be tough to decide what type of gift to get your mother for Mother’s Day. Smaller children have an easier time because they usually have projects they make in school, such as macaroni necklaces, homemade cards, or even scribbled pictures of their families.

While older children, and some adults, may think these creative gifts are silly and dismiss them, it is these silly gifts you’ll find in your mom’s keepsake box years later. Creative gifts from the heart mean more to mom than a bottle of perfume or store bought flowers ever will. Here are seven ideas to stir up your imagination.

1. Support Her Causes

After years of receiving gifts they may not use or have a need for, many women want something simple and meaningful on Mother’s Day. If she is a charitable person, consider supporting a charity she backs with her money or time. If you’re unsure which charities she may give to, consider her interests and donate accordingly.

2. Family Recipe Collection

For moms who love to cook, another neat idea for DIY Mother’s Day gifts is to contact your relatives and create a book of family recipes. For families who may have emigrated within the last two or three generations, this could be a fun way to celebrate her heritage. Try to contact both sides of her family to get recipes of their family’s favorite dishes or meals.

Along with the recipe, jot down who gave it to you and anything they may have known about the recipe, such as who they received it from. Creating a cookbook is easy to do, you just need to type up the recipe and the other information to include with it. Add pictures if you desire and then send the entire book to an online publishing service to have it printed as a hardbound book to give as a gift.

3. Beverage Subscriptions

Subscription boxes have become very popular for a reason – people love to be surprised by these monthly goodie boxes. For moms who are into trying different coffees, teas or who enjoy wine, you can get them a subscription for their favorite type of beverage. Each month they will get another selection of coffee, wine, or tea to try out. Some of the drink boxes can include collectibles, clothing or other gear from a brand they like.

 Freshly roasted coffee beans

4. Handmade Jewelry

If you want to make something, try your hand at some handmade jewelry. With a kit, you can create cool handmade Mother’s Day gifts. Some Mother’s Day ideas include a bird’s nest necklace with all her children’s birthstones in the center of it, a fingerprint pendant in the shape of a heart with a child’s fingerprint, or, if you’re not crafty, you can purchase handmade jewelry from a craftsman from another country to help support them.

Some websites help support craftsmen all over the world, including the United States. You can find jewelry celebrating different cultures and beautiful pieces, many of which are very affordable.

Thumbprint Necklaces

5. Make a Memory Box

Collect some of the things you remember from your childhood that you remember mom enjoying or that you both enjoyed together. Buy a CD of her favorite band or singer, find a candy or dessert she may have liked, add a copy of her favorite book, and her favorite bath salts or lotion so she can relax. Not only will mothers enjoy these personalized Mother’s Day gifts, but you will have fun collecting everything as well.

6. Set Aside Time

Most people have hectic lives and trying to find time to visit mom can be difficult, especially if she lives in another state. However, one of the best Mother’s Day gifts you could give mom is a promise to spend more time with her. If you live close, make an appointment every month to spend the day with her.

You could take her to lunch, go to the spa to pamper yourselves, take an art or crafts class together, or simply sit around and chat. If you live in another state, show your mom how to use an app like Skype and arrange to contact her every week to spend quality time over the internet together. If you have children, they can say hi to grandma while you’re speaking with her and everyone will be able to see each other, instead of just hear each other’s voices.

7. Write a Poem

No matter your age, writing mom a poem from the heart is a sweet gesture she will always treasure. You could write the poem and make it into a pillow by having fabric printed with the poem on it or create a wall hanging with the poem either printed out or created using needlepoint.

If you don’t feel as though you have the gift of a bard, you can make Mother’s Day extra special with a poem from ‘Mother’s Day Poetry’, a collection of poems from Rudyard Kipling, WB Yeats and more; celebrating mothers on Geeker.

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