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Best Music Festivals Around the World

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Since the first Rock Festival in California in the 60’s, music festivals have maintained a primary place amongst the cultural collage of the United States. Today music festivals, both big and small are put on every year around the globe for a number of reasons. Charities and communities are both bolstered by these events. They are a great way to raise money and bring awareness to causes; and you can even startup one with your own advocacy group. Check out ‘How To Start Your Own Music Festival’ here on

Today there are countless music festivals, and it would probably be difficult to find a week without one. To give you a taste of how popular they’ve become, our Geeker social media team put together this short list of global music happenings with highlights of 2016.

Lollapalooza: Aug 3-6 [USA]

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The date for Lollapalooza Chicago, 2017 has just come and gone. Headliners of the Lollapalooza included Alt-J, Lorde, Chance the Rapper, Muse, The Killers and a number of others. Lollapalooza dates have been a staple of summer music culture in America for decades, and has been able to put on a fantastic show nearly every year.

Though big dramatic issues were also something it is known for, 2016 saw Lollapalooza enter the age of solid management and planning as well. The Lollapalooza lineup is always one of the best every year for the Rock and alt-Rock genres- and is one of the top musical festivals in the USA.

Quitofest: Aug 5-6 [Ecuador]

Quitofest is celebrating its fifteenth year this August and is looking to do so in a big way. Bands this year include Ximena Sariñana, Lolabum, Les Petits Bâstards, Sepultura, Red Baron, and Narcosis. This means that some major bands across South America will be participating, with Sepultura being a large draw from Brazil.

Highlights of Quitofest 2016:

Geeker has a huge selection of music, including many South American favorites.

Rock in Japan Festival: Aug 5-12 [Japan]

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The Rock in Japan Festival is a huge music festival celebrating music from Japan and around the world. This year the lineup includes Alcala, Otsuka Ai, Rain Parade, Vamps, Androp and many more. Usually a purview of J-Rock and J-Pop artists, this is a week-long festival that takes place at the Hitachi Seaside Park and is held annually -usually early August. It is the biggest rock festival in Japan. If you are not familiar with J-Rock, take a listen to Japanese rock selections we have at Geeker.

Festival de Musica del Pacifico Petronio Álvarez: Aug 16-21 [Colombia]

The Petronio Álvarez festival is a large and wildly popular festival that was created to celebrate the African roots of much of the Colombian music and arts. Dancing, music and fun are the main ways in which these roots are celebrated.

It is the world’s largest Afro-Latino festival. This focus on a specific niche gives many Colombian bands their shot for gaining recognition by a larger audience. Many poor bands from small villages will flock to the area for the event on the chance they can make a name for themselves.

Highlights of Festival de Musica del Pacifico Petronio Álvarez 2016:

Summer Sonic Festival: Aug 19-20 [Japan]

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The Summer Sonic festival is another huge Japanese festival. Unlike the Rock in Japan event, the two day event showcases many more western bands and artists; Calvin Harris, The Black Eyed Peas, Foo Fighters, and Kesha for example. It is a much more notable western lineup.

An interesting point to note is that this event takes place simultaneously in two cities, Osaka and Chiba. The bands that played Osaka on day one travel to play in Chiba on day two, and vice-versa.

Virgin V Festival: Aug 19-20 [UK]


The Virgin V Festival is a huge annual festival held in the UK. The V Festival lineup headliners this year include Pink and Jay-Z. Pink has come a long way since her debut with the 1995 group Choice. Demand is high for this event, so many opt to become volunteers in order to enjoy some of the access that comes with that.

Last year, Over 90,000 people braved poor weather to make the festival a roaring success. Here are a few quick tips learned from the last time:

  • Bring a flashlight
  • Use the free Wifi
  • Fanny Packs are sometimes necessary
  • Prepare for possible Rain

If you want to follow the V festival or keep up to date with it, you can follow them over on Twitter or Facebook.

Leeds Festival: Aug 25-27 [UK]

The Leeds festival is another huge venue inside of the UK. The Leeds festival 2016 focused on British based bands, and looks to do so again this year with some notable exceptions. This year’s main stage artists include Muse, Bastille, Eminem, Major Lazer and Korn.

Campsites are already reserved and people across the UK are getting ready to descend on the Leeds area.

Here you go, we found Reading & Leeds 2016 Highlights Video:

Covelong Surf Classic Surf and Music Festival [India]

The Covelong Surf, Yoga and Music festival is an amazing mixture of cultures and sounds. Described as “three days of surf, yoga, music, sun and sand”, the festival holds a multi-day surf competition as the music and festivities take place. Another interesting feature is the large amount of yoga and meditation classes, seminars and events that also happen at the same time.

A standout selection of Indian and foreign nationals make up the band lineup, including Mali, The Fanculos, Bemet, Skrat and Divine.

Watch this interesting film of Covelong Surf Classic Surf and Music Festival! Thanks Dibya Chatterjee for sharing this film on Vimeo.

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