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7 Surprising Benefits of Yoga

Written by Geeker Team

7 Surprising Benefits of Yoga

For centuries, yoga has been used to develop the body and mind into a balance of health and well-being.  It’s a practice as much for the body as it is for the mind and soul.  Doing some of these yoga exercises might seem daunting at first.  You just have to stick with it.  No one is perfect at anything the first time around.  Discipline yourself and you might just be surprised at the benefits.

Everyone knows about the increased flexibility.  We here at Geeker, have compiled a list of some things you might not have known.  It’s not all about the pants and the after-class coffee run.   

1. Detoxification

Who doesn’t love an occasional glass of wine?  Or maybe you prefer beer.  Perhaps you love your junk food.  Whatever your vice, yoga is going to help your body process those toxins.  There are entire yoga poses and classes committed to just this benefit.  Though, experts do say pretty much any yoga pose will help rid your body of these harmful chemicals.  

This is all thanks to the increased flow of oxygenated blood.  As you’re moving your body, your muscles are stretching and straining.  This applies pressure and stimulation to your digestive organs, kidneys, and liver.  That trio of innards is what breaks down all your favorite foods and drinks.

This is honestly the most important benefit.  Maybe we should just stop right here, and get into the Eagle pose.  You know, really open up that blood flow.  If you’re still looking for answers on why is yoga good for you, read onward or check out The Power of Yoga here on Geeker.

2. Stress Reduction

Okay, so maybe you don’t drink and your body is a temple.  You still get stressed out, right?  Even Geekercom staff have the occasional freak out session.  There are always deadlines that seem to creep up quicker than we ever thought was possible.  How is it time to turn this in already?  The assignment was only given an hour ago and it’s late?  This is never going to be ready on time!

Thankfully, yoga has a cure for that.

Well, not for the pushy deadline part, but for the stressed out part at least.  Yoga has long been credited with aligning chakras, which is really just an exotic way of saying your endocrine system is being rebooted lowering the amount of cortisol in our body.  Or, you know, helping you to chill out.

Yoga incorporates controlled breathing, meditation, and relaxation.  All of this lowers your heart rate and your blood pressure.  It’s pretty difficult to experience anxiety while you’re doing one of the best yoga exercises of all time.

3. PMS and Menopausal Relief

One of the best benefits of yoga for women is that it will help reduce cramping, aches, and other pains.  

For many women who experience irregular or painful periods, hormone replacement treatment is the go-to solution.  If you’re looking for a more natural, and, let’s be honest, cheaper way to deal with your monthly monster of a visitor, yoga is a wonderful solution.  

The same can be said about women going through menopause.  Many have reported their hot flashes to have reduced exponentially or disappeared altogether.

This can all be attributed to how certain yoga poses help to restore hormonal balance.  Just like with alleviating stress, your lower heart rate and blood pressure will aide in the restoration of your body’s natural hormones.  Symptoms like irritability and mood swings can possibly become a thing of the past.

4. More Creativity

Has anyone ever told you that you’re talking out of your backside?  You might have taken it as an insult.  Not anymore!  It’s been discovered that the center for creativity in humans is aligned with the chakra near your tailbone.  

Have a problem that you haven’t been able to find a solution to?  Trying to write the world’s next literary masterpiece?  The mental benefits of yoga are just astounding.  By reducing your stress and anxiety, and helping you talk out of your rear, yoga has been known to help stimulate creativity.  It should be easier to think outside the box after just a few minutes of exercise.

Learn more Yoga Fiction and Yoga Truth on Geekercom.

 5. Increased Confidence

This is such a simple and obvious benefit that it’s easy to overlook.  You’re detoxed, so you’re losing weight.  Your flexibility is skyrocketing.  Stress is a thing of the past.  Your boss is impressed with your creative problem solving skills.  All these things lead straight to more confidence.  

It’s a fact that the better we become at something, the happier we are.  While yoga for beginners may be frustrating, the end result is a stronger, more balanced and focused you.

6. Intuition Boost

Some call it gut instinct, others intuition.  Whatever the word you choose for the meaning “knowing something without proof or evidence”, yoga will help develop that skill.  This is an exercise all about inward exploration.  You’re told to search yourself for the strength to weave yourself into the poses.  A natural by-product of this will be learning to trust yourself again.  You’ll soon find yourself more empathetic and able to relate to others.

7. Better Intimacy

All of the previously mentioned things culminate into the ultimate benefit that everyone can get behind.  Although it’s probably the most important of all the benefits of yoga for men.  

It’s not just the increased flexibility or good mood that yoga can instill within you.  This exercise is an aphrodisiac.  Yoga has been known to increase the speed with which the arousal hormone is released.  That, coupled with increased blood flow, can lead to a much more pleasing session between you and your partner.

Now that you’re armed with more information on the surprising ways yoga can stimulate your life, we here at Geeker invite you to read Simple Yoga and get started on your journey.

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