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6 of our Favorite Movie Couples

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6 of our Favorite Movie Couples

Throughout our history, humans have reflected our condition through the arts. We tell stories of grand figures and great loves to enrich our lives and gain ideals and aspirations, as well as warnings, of what our lives can become.

Early in the last century movies overtook plays and radio as the dominant medium from which to tell stories. Though books have remained an important format for storytelling, nothing quite captures the imagination or rivals the immersion of a great movie.

One of the greatest storytelling subjects to reach new heights through film is the love story. The extra layer of immersion granted through a both a musical and visual medium, as well as the addition of the Stanislavski techniques in acting, have made the love story on film a substantial and moving accomplishment of humankind.

I want to go back through some of my favorite iconic fictional couples who have appeared on film.

Rose DeWitt Bukater and Jack Dawson (Titanic)

You wouldn’t think that one of the most sensational tragedies to have ever existed would make for an excellent backdrop to a love story, but millions of diehard fans who would argue otherwise. This was one of the favorite movie couples for an entire generation of young girls. I remember my best friend’s sister beginning a 10-year long infatuation with Leonardo DiCaprio after seeing this film, something repeated countless times across the world.

The story of wealthy aristocratic women being wooed by the poor Irish peasant has its roots in numerous other tales, but the movie did a fantastic job of taking this romantic device and placing it in an unforgettable setting. To this day people can still quote the lines these two spoke to one another: “Draw me like one of your French girls” “I’d rather be his whore than your wife.” “I’ll never let go, Jack!” Good times.

Jack Skellington and Sally (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

The Nightmare before Christmas stuck with me for years. I think I first saw it when I was 9 or 10; I remember really liking it but not much else. It wasn’t until I watched it years later that the unique animation and fantastic storytelling made me realize just how good of a movie it was.

Their song to one another in Halloween town is a romantic cinematic masterpiece. Definitely one of the best Disney movie couples.

Lafayette Hightower and Dr. Hess Green (Da Sweet Blood of Jesus)

Shelton Jackson “Spike” Lee’s movies have always been an intense portrayal of aspects he wished to reflect of American culture, and of emotions bubbling under the surface of the nation.

You don’t necessarily think romance when you think the name. While She’s Gotta Have It had romance, it was far from a romantic film in the end. Da Sweet Blood of Jesus, however, has been described by Spike Lee as “a new kind of love story.” Dr. Hess Green is an Anthropologist who acquires an ancient dagger. After being stabbed by it, he transforms into a vampire and a bloody story follows. In that story, he marries and stabs Lafayette -turning her into a Vampire as well. What follows is a twisted vampire love story. You can watch Spike Lee’s ‘Da Blood of Jesus’ here on Geeker!

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Rocky and Adrian (Rocky)

“Adriiiiaaaaaaannnnnnn!” I loved the early Rocky movies, and honestly, Creed was pretty good as well. Throughout all of them, the love Rocky had for Adrian is evident. Even after her death in one of the films, you can see her loss plaguing the aging boxer. Their beginnings as a small-time boxer and a shy pet store clerk are definitely one of my favorite movie love stories.

Peter Parker and Mary Jane (Spiderman)

This is one of those funny movie couples because it has appeared in many iterations across many mediums – so it’s hard to say exactly what iteration I think is best.

This couple has appeared throughout the Spiderman series. They won the best kiss of the year when the Toby McGuire version of Spider-Man was released, so that version gets some points; however the Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane comic series focused specifically on their relationship.

Either way, they are one of the most iconic couples in comics and have made a solid showing in the world of film.

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Four and Tris (Divergent Series)

One of the more interesting things to come out of the Dystopian tale of a sci-fi Chicago split into factions, is the interestingly touching love story between Four and Tris. Throughout the books/movies these two are consistently put in harrowing situations, and true to the theme of the story, continuously choose one another even when the circumstances seem to push them in the other direction.

They have both proven capable in different ways, and have a relationship based on a form of mutual respect that is rare in Movie couples. For more on this check out ‘Inside Divergent: The Initiate’s World’ on Geeker.

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